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제품명   |   Solex-600
화학명   |   Anti Scratch Agent
형태      |   POWDER

◈ Applications

Composite PP
Wire & Cable
Pipe & Tubing

◈ Characteristics

Solex-600 is Encapsulated Anti Scratch agent
with 60% of High molecular weight Siloxane based core and well dispersed layer.

-Processing improvement and flow
-Alteration of surface quality characteristics.
-Improved throughput
-Enhanced Scratch Resistance
-Improved Slip properties
-homogenous dispersion stability

◈ Packing

15kg PE bag, 500kg bag

◈ Specifications
PropertiesUnitTypical Value
Appearance-White Powder
Active content%60~65
Moisture%Less than 1.0
Typical dosage%1~5

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